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Transporting your inkjet printer

When transporting your inkjet printer to a new location or for service, follow these tips:

Do not remove the ink cartridges.

It may seem like a good idea but this could contribute to toner leakage but may also allow air bubbles to enter  the ink transport mechanism of the printer.  When the printer is transported it is important to keep the printer in its normal upright position.  For instance, tilting the printer on to it’s back may cause a toner leak.   A toner leak of course could be very messy but if the liquid ink finds its way to components or circuit boards then serious damage could occur with the printer.

When it is time to take your inkjet printer for service there is another  good reason to leave the ink cartridges in the printer.  The ink maybe part of the problem.  It is best to take the printer in it’s “as failed” condition to a repair center  to aid in proper diagnosis of the problem.  Also a printer taken to a service center for repair requires an adequate ink supply in the printer to perform a diagnosis and repair.  The customer would normally be charged for a new set of inks no matter what service center is performing the repair.

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