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A Printing Problem, May Not be a Problem Printer

A printing problem doesn’t always mean a printer problem.  If you can’t print check the printer for attention lights or error messages at the printer that may resolve the problem.  If you get a message at the PC that indicates the document failed to print you may need to check beyond the printer.  Make sure there is proper power to the printer.  Make sure the data cable to the printer is properly connected.

Here’s a special note: it is possible to insert the USB cable (printer end) into the network connector on the printer.  This can happen if someone reconnected the USB cable without getting a good view of the rear of the printer.  I have never seen a customer damage a printer doing this but it would have to be moved to the correct position

Use the owners manual to determine how to print an internal document from the printer without requiring a print job from the PC.  This may be selected as a Demo page, a configuration page a settings page or some type of report.  If you successfully print then you have verified a high level of printer function. You could still have a hardware interface problem.

Exhaust all possible causes before you start considering a network connection or a wireless connection as the issue.  If you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting a wireless or network problem consult an IT professional.

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